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How to Avoid Buying a Fake Wrist Watch

Watches popularity is always high as people still wear it all of the time. But sadly because of these popularity, there are lots of fake watch with the same as a genuine look like. They come with no different with the genuine one. This makes some consumer having bad experience buying watch that the seller claim it original but that watches is fake. Below are some tips on how to distinguish a true wrist watch from a forgery:

Origin watch have code

The first way to check the origin of wrist watches is by see it code, all manufacture have this code in their product and each product have serial number. So you should check the code and ask to supplier or person that sells watches you buy.

Only buy from trusted sellers

Supposing that you don’t know about code in the watch. The first you can do to avoid buying fake watch is make sure you buy it from a trusted seller – i.e. an authorized retailer which you can search in the manufacturer’s website, so their never sell fake product because if they do that they will have bad reputation in consumer view. For online shopers, you can buy a good wrist watch in eBay or Amazon, that is the most trusted online shop in the world.

Don’t be so tempted with cheap price

All quality have price, so the origin watch will more expensive than the fake, so if you want to buy watches make sure you don’t be so with cheap price, but its mean nothing if the trusted seller give big discount, so their product have cheap price.

Always see other consumer review and comment

This tips is very help, some online store have customer comment in their product review. See that, if no any problem with others customer so it mean you will have no problem buying its product. And you know the quality of the product because other people share their opinion about that product.

Those tips maybe don’t guarantee you avoid buying fake watch with a hundred percent, but they make you smart in buying watch. Before you buy make sure the watches are origin product, so later you don’t need o regret buying it.

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